Aliens From Andromeda Told US Army Personnel That Humans Are Composite Of 22 Different E.T. Races

Aliens From Andromeda Told US Army Personnel That Humans Are Composite Of 22 Different E.T. Races

Alex Collier is a well-known alien contactee who claims to have been in contact with aliens from the constellation Andromeda for over 30 years. Multiple trips to extraterrestrial spaceships and decades of telepathic communication were part of their encounter. Alex is deemed believable by many well-known UFO enthusiasts, at least because he strives to relay as much information as possible from his interactions with the Andromedans.

Visas and Mornay, two andromedas, were said to have tutored Collier. Those Andromedans, he said, are descendants of the old Lyrans. He was taken onboard the Andromedans’ spacecraft, which included a gigantic alien ship where he had been training for three months. He learned about cosmic mysticism, life in the universe, and Earth’s galactic past from the Andromedans.

According to Alex Collier, his first meeting with the Andromedans occurred in 1964. He has been infrequent and persistent in touch with them since 1985. He began attending seminars in 1993 when he began to share the knowledge he obtained from the aliens with the general public. In 1997, he received a threat from unknown individuals who demanded that he cease disseminating the material. He took it seriously and didn’t say anything about it until 2002.

In several interviews, Collier claimed Earth as being under the dominion of “regressive” extraterrestrial aliens. Those aliens arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system. According to him, humanity is divided into two philosophical belief systems. One conveys love and freedom of choice, while the other demonstrates control and resource use.

Collier said in his final lecture before retiring from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002 that the ancient extraterrestrial species known as the “Founders” is responsible for creating the atmosphere of planets and making them conducive for life. This ancient extraterrestrial race as the “Paa Tal” by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

He even claimed that the aliens could remove moons to manage the quantity of radiation by altering the planet’s location relative to its sun. Andromedans are said to be capable of forming a solar system.

In terms of technology, the Andromedans are around 4,300 to 4,500 years ahead of us, according to Collier. They do not calculate years in the same way we do on Earth, 365 days. According to several extraterrestrials, one year is the time it takes for every cell in their body to copy itself, which takes roughly 34 years.

Humans, according to Collier, are made up of 22 alien races.

In one of his papers, Dr. Michael E. Salla, a well-known professor in international politics, conflict resolution, and U.S. foreign policy, asserted that aliens from other worlds and civilizations coexist peacefully on Earth. On the other hand, humans are barbarians and savages who represent a threat to even themselves, according to aliens.

In a letter dated July 2009, Collier wrote:

“Dr. Salla’s attempts to bring mankind together and understand the broad picture will have a good long-term impact on humanity.” I also believe Dr. Salla’s integrity is unquestionable.”

According to Collier, the planets in the eight nearest galaxies to us have a population of around 135 billion people. He also said that when he visited one of those livable worlds, the inhabitants were terrified to encounter an Earthling due to our poor reputation. Only humans could enslave and murder their people for their gain in the entire cosmos.

In a 1994 interview, he said that the constellation Lyra is the source of all human existence. He noted that the Andromeda aliens were human-like in every manner. They stood between 4 and 8 feet tall and had white and blue skin.

He also discussed the missing children, the impending New World Order, the influence of evil powers on world politics, the presence of Reptilian aliens, our faiths, and the Earth’s and Universe’s past.

He wrote two books in the 1990s: “Defending Sacred Ground” and “Letters From Andromeda.” He was also advised not to take any rewards from his job.

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